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Ozone cleaning systems- myths and pool maintenance!


Ugly Rumors are spreading that you can have a pool with JUST an ozone cleaning system to keep it clean.  Not so....

clean water- midwest-custom-poolsThere are two types of pool cleaning systems out there: salt generators and chlorine generators. Salt systems still use chlorine, just less of it. Water feels softer and you can imagine, it's just easier on the skin and hair! However, we also have new technology available that allows us to install UV lights that produce ozone and also sanitize the water. We've been asked by numerous clients over the past couple years whether these ozone systems would work, as stand alone cleaning systems. THEY WILL NOT! Ozone cannot disperse well in water and are ineffective at cleaning an entire pool body. Please, please, never believe a pool contractor if s/he tells you that you dont' need chlorine or salt and that you can just use ozone. This is unsafe and just doesn't work!  Ozone systems are based on light and light waves reaching all the water molecules. What is great about ozone systems is that they can further lighten the chemical load as well as lower maintenance and chemical costs. You're doing yourself a favor- letting technology work for you and expose you to fewer chemicals and saving yourself some money!


Now for the pretty part of this blog: Jewelscapes.

One of the new techniques and materials we are using for our custom pools and spas is a product called Jewelscapes. It is colorful, softly rounded glass beads added to their pool plaster to create a softly reflective aggregate pool surface. It feels gentle and soft on the feet and looks dazzling! It is reflective, durable and comes in quite a few colors. We are excited to offer this as an alternative to OR a combination with glass tiles. It's neat and can add a colorful flair to your design! Here is a link to our color combinations....  jeremy hamm digital studio pic resized 600

This is a 3D graphic of a pool we are currently working on- nearly finished and buried under 16" of snow! It has a full tile water wall with fire pots on the top. The custom spa is finished with the Jewelscape product. Exciting!


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