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Eco-friendly, green and SAFE: automatic pool covers


midwest custom pools wiksten cover resized 600When you're thinking about that dream pool, where does safety come in?

First? Second? Definitely in the top three priorities for most of us. One of the main things you can do to ensure safety in your back yard- get an automatic pool cover. An automatic cover comes in a few varieties: one version lives under the coping and is the exact shape as the pool (rectangular). It is subtle and low profile. They are usually fully automatic, opening and closing with the touch of a button. This allows you to close the cover every night (or whenever it is not in use)during the pool season- pretty neat, huh? These pool covers can hold lots of weight and last for a good many seasons. If liability is an issue, an automatic cover is necessary. 

midwest custom pools hamm 3d resized 600

Another version of the pool cover, while also automatic, is an external cover. This cover follows tracks as well but lives above the pool coping. It sits in a decorative housing which might double as a seating wall. It is difficult to install an automatic pool cover in a custom pool because most pool covers are not custom made. Therefore, if having a pool cover is important to you, a fiberglass pool is probably your best option.

Did you know that, while an automatic cover can give you peace of mind if you have small children, it also reduces your energy consumption? 

Yes! A pool cover is not only a safety device but it minimizes evaportation. Evaporation is one of the main energy losses for a pool- for every one pound of 80 degree water evaporated, 1048 BTU's of heating energy is lost. (US dept of energy) In order to keep the heat in your pool, where you want it, you need to keep the cover on when it is not in use! As well, an automatic cover reduces your chemical consumption by 35%-60%. Wow. Practically, it will also reduce cleaning time by limiting debris and dirt in the pool too.

midwest custom pools griffith cover resized 600

It seems like a no-brainer- if you have a young family and safety is a priority, an automatic cover is the smart choice. If you want to conserve as much energy as possible, while still enjoying your backyard luxury, it seems like a pool cover is the smart choice too. 

Just a reminder, when you get to the design part of your pool project, would you like to have a 3D rendering of the whole backyard oasis? It is really helpful if you're not great at visualizing things but is great overall to plan and understand how you wil utilize your new space. Let us help you! We specialize in 3D renderings and utilizew them in our pool design process. This helps us construct more accurate cosntruction drawings and plans, as well as helping you the homeowner understand your new landscape!


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Posted @ Friday, May 30, 2014 2:23 AM by Automatic Pool Cover
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