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Choosing the right pool for your needs!


describe the imageHow to Choose the Right Pool:

There are lots different types of pools out there. Which one is right for you? It really depends on your space, your budget, your wants and needs. For right now, let's just skip over above ground pools. We are going to talk only about in-ground pools and spas.


We offer fiberglass pools and concrete pools (also called gunite or shotcrete), as well as replacing vinyl liners. We also provide service for all pool types. If you currently have a pool but are thinking about renovation, give us a call! Our experienced builders can steer you in the right direction.


Fiberglass Pools


midwest-custom-pools-fiberglass-pool- lawrence- topekaFiberglass pools have gotten a bad rap in the last 30 years. However, new fiberglass pools are remarkable. They have dark, consistent body color. They have markedly less maintenace costs, as long as you manage your chemicals correctly and they come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. 

Fiberglass pools are pre-formed fiberglass shells. They are manufactured and then shipped to us. We dig the hole, install the pool, plumbing, coping and deck around the pool. Advantages of fiberglass pools include faster construction time, lower maintenance. Disadvantages include limited shapes and sizes- not customizable. However, as with the pool above, the family chose to use stamped concrete as their decking and got to choose coping material. The shape was pre-formed but the material choices are individual. Higher cost than a vinyl liner but about the same as a basic concrete/ gunite pool.

They also offer the possibility of an automatic cover. When safety is a number one issue, an automatic cover is necessary. But these covers will not work with a free-form concrete pool. 

GHamm 1575 resized 600


Concrete Pool


Concrete pools are pools that are custom designed and dug to the homeowner's specifications. The shape is determined, the hole dug and the concrete is then applied (there are LOTS more steps but this is the short version). Gunite or Shotcrete is a new way of applying concrete vertically. When you are ready for the best, the backyard oasis, the whole package, you want a concrete pool. Every element is controlled by your choices. Want a spa? You got it. Want a water feature, a grotto, laminar that shoot from the center of the spa? Wand jets that create a mist all over your deck? You want a custom pool. Expect that your material choices and all the extras will obviously cost more money and take more time to create.


Vinyl Liners

Vinyl liner pools are inground pools with steel sides, usually a poured concrete bottom and a vinyl liner suctioned and affixed to the sides. The liners frequently have to be replaced- every 5-10 years. This is the lowest cost for the homeowner, but also the least permanent.

For more information about service packages or pool rehab, give us a call! Or visit our pool services page....


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