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What is a Bromine Pool?


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Bromine is an alternative to chlorine in killing bacteria, living organisms, and other contaminates that may be found in pool water.  Bromine by itself is not affective because it does not bind (oxidize) with the contaminate molecules, therefore, to be affective, bromine is combined with a catalyst (often chlorine) in a tablet form. 


1.  Bromine is most commonly used to sanitize hot tubs/spas due to its higher stability in warmer water temperatures. 

2.  Bromine produces less of a chemical odor than chlorine, but it is harder to wash the chemical smell from your skin after swimming.

3.  Bromine has a residual quality which requires less chemical added to water over time.


1. Considerably more expensive than chlorine

2. Doesn’t dissolve in water as readily as chlorine.

3. Less stabile in the outdoors (better for indoor applications)

4. Using Bromine is slightly more complicated and requires more support from the pool supplier.

5. Once in pool, pool must be completely drained to switch to chlorine.

Most pool professionals still believe that bromine is best for hot tubs/spas and chlorine is best for swimming pools.

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