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What is a Saltwater Swimming Pool?


A saltwater pool utilizes a chlorine generator to convert salt to chlorine through a process call electrolysis.  During this process, the chlorine is separated from the salt molecule.  The chlorine is then circulated through the pool to sanitize the water.  The chlorine enters the pool at a steady consistent rate reducing the amount of algae build-up thus potentially extending the life of the pool.  It also reduces the likelihood of over chlorinating which leads to burning-eyes, dry skin, etc.


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1. Low maintenance.  After initial bags of salt added to pool in spring (if necessary), should not have to add any more salt for remainder of season. The machine does most of the work on balancing chlorine. It is still necessary to continue testing pool water for proper chlorine levels.

2. Pool water will feel silkier, smoother and better on your skin with less impact on clothing.

3. Since the salt level is more in line with our own eyes, (3500 to 5000 ppm), the occurrence of eye irritation is greatly minimalized.

4. No need to handle chlorine tablets and less chemical monitoring required.

Salt generator cells typically last 3-5 years.  Will require periodic cleaning with an acid wash to remove calcium build-up on internal plates.


Saltwater systems are not corrosive to pools and equipment if the pools are properly bonded (grounded with copper wire) and the salt level is kept within normal parameters (less than 5,000 ppm).  Saltwater pools require accessories (diving boards/ladders) that are designed for saltwater


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