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3D imaging in pool design


In our industry, we are constantly looking for what sets us apart. Customers need this information and we need to learn to share this information with them!

The pool industry in the Midwest is a checkered place. On one hand, we have contractors and business owners who have working in the industry for many years, are insured, have good construction practices (and business practices), keep abreast of industry trends, have great workers, use good quality materials and work to the best of their ability on every job. On the other hand, we see quite a few "fly by night" companies with little practical experience, bad work practices, little regard for the customer's best interest, poor organization get the idea. 

When comparing pool bids or beginning to think about more than one pool company, make sure to ask each company to specify what is included with its bid. Elements frequently ignored with less experienced companies include licensing and permitting fees, access to property and easements with the property, clean up and hauling costs, repair and insurance costs, FENCING (this is required by law) around the entire pool. Most of these are practical and safety issues. But another element can set one pool company apart from the competition: Design. 

In our business, a great design can set a project apart. A great design can bring the the Wow! factor. A great design can also produce realistic expectations on the clients' parts and lead to a better pool experience for everyone. Much of our ability to create a great pool project depends on the accuracy of our communication between designer, clients, supervisor and construction team. With a great design, there are fewer change orders, more accurate construction documents and an easier building process (hopefully!).

How do we get great design and a great experience? We use 3D imaging. Our designers will frequently discuss the expectations with the clients, create a 2D design and then create a 3D rendering. This allows clients to visualize excactly what the experience will feel like, how certain rock will look in that rock wall, how high that retaining wall should be, where the pergola or cabana will work best and many other elements.


Visit our MWCP 3D videos to see how we use this technology to YOUR advantage! 


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